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Burnham Sterling uses its worldwide relationships to source new investment opportunities, usually directly with the issuer. In most cases, Burnham Sterling is the sole placement agent. Once sourced, Burnham Sterling structures the transaction, performs applicable due diligence, then presents the transaction to appropriate investors for their evaluation. Burnham Sterling/Babcock & Brown Securities pride themselves on presenting transactions that will be long-term contributors to investors' portfolios.

Sample Burnham Transactions

  • USD Investment grade and high yield2
  • Senior with 5-15 year term3
  • Mezzanine with 4-10 year term
  • High coupon CAP Notes® 1, with kicker
  • Assets on lease

Typical Transaction Features

  • Competitive yields
  • Mortgages and amortization
  • Single issuer or diversified portfolios
  • Invest alone or with multiple investors per deal4
  • Customization to match investor requirements
  1. 1 CAP Notes means Corporate Asset Preferred, which is a Burnham-proprietary secured debt obligation with upside based on equipment values.
  2. 2 Burnham Sterling also offers transactions in €, ¥, 元 and ₩.
  3. 3 May also be structured as a bank loan.
  4. 4 Minimum of US$10,000,000.

Burnham Sterling & Company LLC is an unregistered entity providing financial advisory services and is an affiliate under common control of Babcock & Brown Securities LLC. All securities related activities and/or securities transactions are conducted solely through Babcock & Brown Securities LLC, an SEC registered broker/dealer and FINRA member firm.