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Financial Strength

Burnham Sterling and Babcock & Brown Securities are each backed by committed multi-year payment streams, providing recurring contractual cash flow regardless of business conditions. From this foundation, we are able to focus on the long term needs and interests of our clients.

As an SEC-registered broker-dealer and FINRA member, Babcock & Brown Securities is subject to certain net capital maintenance and financial reporting requirements. The firm's latest balance sheet is available at

The following firms are affiliated and under common control: Burnham Sterling & Company LLC, an unregistered entity providing financial advisory services; Babcock & Brown Securities LLC (BBS), an SEC registered broker/dealer and FINRA member firm; and Burnham Sterling Asset Management LLC (BSAM), a registered investment adviser. All securities related activities and/or securities transactions are conducted solely through Babcock & Brown Securities LLC, an SEC registered broker/dealer and FINRA member firm.